Reinvent patient recruitment

with digitally-enabled, carefully planned and monitored patient journeys.

Health Wizz

Health Wizz is pioneering new solutions for patient enrollment in clinical trials by leveraging the power of social media, data analytics and mobile technologies.

It’s our mission to help make a difference in the lives of patients across the globe by connecting them with the right clinical trials.

Design, Data, & Technology that Really Matter

Journey Wizz

The most advanced patient-recruitment platform for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials that applies innovative social media strategies and data science to ensure your enrollment timelines are met.

Journey Wizz Dashboard

Journey Wizz Dashboard is designed to provide decentralized and hybrid clinical trials with descriptive key performance indicators, predictive measures and actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and optimized study performance.


A digital-based consent process that’s easy for both patients and researchers while meeting all validity and compliance requirements necessary for a clinical trial.

Automate social media campaigns

Use our Participant Relationship Management (PRM) platform, Journey Wizz to automate social media campaigns. 

Are you ready to reinvent patient journeys?