with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

Get Health Data from Anywhere​

Health Wizz can import desired Health Records from inhouse EHRs and external EHRs across thousands of Care Providers in USA.​

Import Data in your Preferred Format​

With automatic parsing of all imported data into your preferred format, Health Wizz makes life easy for your end users and IT personnel. Reduce manual efforts, work with limited budget and staff, reduce overhead costs.

​Plug-n-Play Design​ and an Affordable Solution

Integration is fast & seamless with Health Wizz. The solution is designed to be Plug-n-Play with no downtime for your existing system. ROI is higher due to more value-added benefits for comparable cost!​.



Regulatory compliance


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) aims to modernize the exchange of healthcare data with web development industry standard technologies such as RESTful Web Services, JSON/XML, OAuth and consistent query formatting to provide resources via standardized URLs.

Our team’s extensive experience and background with FHIR integrations can help meet your company’s specific and unique needs, whatever they may be. Whether you want to transform your legacy data into FHIR or you want to get better insights and signals from your existing data, we can help. With a free 30 min consultation we can quickly understand your needs and help develop a solution that will get you from concept to connection faster and more efficiently.

Once you application or integration is complete, there may be ongoing support needs that may be out of your wheel house or that you simply do not have the time or resources for. We can provide assistance and direction for all your ongoing support needs.

Our FHIR Services

We have extensive experience with the leading EHR FHIR APIs and we also have experience to transform legacy data and add FHIR support in your existing platform.

  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • Software development and system integration
  • Data analysis for actionable insights
  • Support services

Our FHIR Assignments

  • Mapping legacy data structures to FHIR data model and building the mapping engine
  • FHIR-enable systems or build Proof of Concept
  • Building FHIR profiles from existing Implementation Guides
  • Integrating a FHIR server as part of an application suite
  • Providing technical help on application and data architecture for FHIR
  • Providing FHIR resources to expand your team and meet your deadlines

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