Why Health Wizz?

If you’re running a study which is behind in enrollment, or planning a study and want to be sure that you finish within your enrollment timelines, we are here to help.

Seamless patient recruitment experience powered by scalable, real-world data and real-time analytics.

Use our data-driven platform to attract and retain the most highly-qualified and motivated patients for your clinical trial and ensure they are converted from potential to enrolled study participants.

More reasons...

As part of screening and determining eligibility, Health Wizz can help you identify ideal candidates for your clinical trial by enabling patients to access and submit their health records from electronic health records and insurance claims. 

Engage with patients where they are and reach ideal candidates for your clinical trial with customized messaging across online channels that participants utilize most.

With complete visibility and access to real-time data, study sponsors can track the progress of potential study participants throughout the enrollment process.


Are you ready to reinvent patient journeys?