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It is Time to Take Control of Our Health Data!

Since our inception, Health Wizz has been focusing on building the tools that address current inefficiencies and health data management issues, and today we are announcing significant enhancements to our free mobile application, available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store

Digital File Cabinet for your Medical Records

Over the last few months team Health Wizz has been working tirelessly to build a platform that enables everyone to build a digital portfolio of their Personal Health Record (PHR). For almost a year we poured our hearts and minds into this challenging endeavor because we envision a world where every human being on the planet is carrying a complete picture of their health, accessible to them at all times, wherever they are.

To bring this vision to life, we are working on creating a secure health data marketplace where individuals, medical researchers, health data scientists, pharmaceutical companies and developers can come together to trade health data and, eventually, cure diseases and save lives by designing precision medicine.

In this vision, the individual is always in charge, empowered to make her or his health data accessible and licensable on this marketplace, if and when they choose so. Are you passionate about finding cure for Alzheimer or considering donating/selling your data to help breast cancer research? You can now do that efficiently and securely by using the Health Wizz platform.

Since the very beginning, we have known that some of the healthcare industry’s biggest pain and challenge is lack of tools which help consumers aggregate their health records from various sources including EHRs, Medical and Genetic Labs, and Wearables. We founded Health Wizz and built our platform to address this challenge.

With an unprecedented pace of technological innovation, the world around us is changing dramatically. As technology opens new opportunities, we are becoming more aware and more empowered than ever. With yet another data breach happening almost every month, the time to take charge of our health data is NOW.

If Data is the new Oil, Health Data is the Jet Fuel

It is easy to see from the fortunes of companies like Facebook and Google that, indeed, data is the new oil of the modern economy. It is no surprise that health data is even more valuable than any other kind of data. In fact, our personal health data (PHD) is so valuable, it is worth about 10 to 20 times the amount of personal credit card data on the black market.

A “white” market for consumer health data also exists, but just like the “black” data market, it doesn’t include consumers, the original owners of health data. Pharmaceutical companies and research organizations use data brokers to buy and sell our health information and we are not getting a dime. Unlike getting 94% of the proceeds — when we sell our house, for example, while the brokers keep 6%, — in the data economy the data brokers keep 100% of the proceeds from selling our data. This is also true in healthcare. The health data brokers have created a $4 billion plus dollar industry by selling our medical records, yet we don’t get a single penny. At Health Wizz, our mission is to change this by shifting the locus of control over their personal health data back to consumer.

Here is how we enable that:

First, our platform allows people to download, aggregate, and standardize their health data on their mobile phones.

Next, we level the playing field, enabling people to control who and for how long can have access to their personal health data, if they opt to share it.

Finally, we are offering the tools and creating a marketplace where people, if they decide so, can share their data securely and keep 94% of the proceeds when they do.

We invite people and institutions who are interested in promoting good health and wellbeing or conducting clinical trials for new drug research to try our new version of the platform. Organizations such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies and Employers can fund health related campaigns, create cohorts and invite them to participate in these campaigns. Individuals can assemble their personal health data in a “file cabinet” on their mobile device and have an option to donate or sell their data to the Medical or Research organization of their choice.

You can take control of your Health Data today

Start by downloading the App and interacting with friends and family. Collect and download your health records and get organized around your and your family’s health. Here are the links to download the Health Wizz App from Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store

Rest assured your health data is private and secure and is ALWAYS under your custody. You always have complete control over how much, when and with whom you share your data. So, take charge! Here’s to better health for all!